Hi, I'm Chloë,

I ran Chloe and the Chimera, an online and sometimes non-online shop based in Bristol in the UK (you can still purchase my jewellery from my online shop and a gallery on North street, Bedminster, see website for details.)

Recently I have decided to take a rest from trying to make handmade things earn me a living, and instead I'm focusing on all the good things in life. Interior design, gardens and gardening, food, baking and cooking, dressing up, DIY, going lovely places and seeing lovely things, kittens, tea, beer and wine.

I am on a mission to improve my whole life from the design of my house, to finding a way of living the 'good life' dream. I want to bring as many people along with me as possible.

Contact: Chloeandthechimera@gmail.com

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