Monday, 10 September 2012

4 Simple goals before 2013

One of my favourite blogs has posted the great idea of setting 4 simple goals to achieve before 2013 begins.

I am a great one recently of setting my self goals but I think maybe I always set them too high, or for too far in the future. When I fail to achieve them I get very down in the dumps about it, and either give up, or beat my self up about it mentally. Probably ensuring failiure the next time I try.

I like the idea of the setting only 4 goals. Ensuring they are achievable by the deadline of new year.

Rather than choosing something from the ever present list on my pin board in front of my desk here, Lose X no. stone, Make X no. of sales, etc I am going to make the goal the process, not the end result. If that makes sense? I think it is explained better over on A Beautiful Mess!

My goals:

1. Listen to my body. Every day. All day. Trust that It knows how much to eat, what to eat and when. Believe that I can be slim.
For about 15 years I have been over weight. I think that now, at 25, it's time to take it in hand. But I'm tired of silly fad diets and berating my self for loving ice cream. This is the least important goal in a way though. Although I desperately want to be slim, I like who I am, and I even like how I look some of the time. I don't want to end up skinny. I want to be a healthy weight for my height and bone structure. I'm never going to be skinny anyway! It wouldn't suit me. I'm going to be curvy with boobs and a little bit of a belly still. That's what I want.
But I am trying to look at the process of the goal rather than the end result here, so no end weight or how many stone I need to loose. Listen to my body. It knows what weight and size I should be to be healthy. I'm going to trust that it'll get me there if only I listen. No more comfort eating. No more boredom eating!

2. I believe that you get more of the things that you focus upon. Ie, if all you focus on is money, you may end up wealthy because you spend all your time working on it, but you'll probably miss out on the other things. This second goal is to create a specific scrap book of all the things I want, and to focus on it daily, and to try to work towards it daily too.
The slender form I'll be working towards in goal 1 will be in it, but so will images of the type of business I want to have, the homes and interiors I aspire to, my ideal gardens. It's not meant to be full of things like yachts and flash cars! I'm not damning anyone who has that as a serious desire to achieve in life, but it's not on my list. My list is meant to illustrate the things that I want that I believe will make my life worth living and make me truly happy. Therefore it consists of a slim healthy body, my boyfriend, eventual kids, a successful business, a beautiful home and garden, my cat(s) etc.

3. This is a less epic goal. I want to make one room in my home well designed, coordinated, with a lovely lay out and beautiful furniture and furnishings.
I've been trying to make my home lovely for the whole of the year we've lived here. In previous posts I have stated the way the place looked (looks) and the reasons that I haven't made it as beautiful as all the inspiration that I keep aspiring to! Primarily the reasons are lack of time, money, and the fact that we're renting. But I can't use those excuses any more. As I stated in this post, I believe anyone of any situation can have a lovely home. So I had better start with my own!

4. This one is the business goal I wanted to set myself. I didn't want to put something like 'make 10 sales' or 'go to two fairs' These are my pre-Christmas goals anyway. I couldn't put in to a succinct way the idea of pushing myself more to work harder. That is also an aim, I've not been self employed before and it's taking time to adjust. But, I couldn't phrase it so that there was a clear path to go down.
So instead, I have decided to re-set myself another long standing goal. This one is to develop the next stage in my business. I never wanted to just have a shop. So this is the shove I need to actually decide my next step. I need to find out what my skills are, what resources I can draw from. Obviously I need to decide what I would enjoy doing. I want to develop my business though, not start a new one. I want it to go hand in hand with Chloe and the Chimera, complement it. I'm starting an interior design course next week. Maybe this will help to push any ideas I have about using that option in to the fore. Or to eliminate them I suppose!

Now I have to pick a reward for when I achieve them. I'm really not sure what to choose! I have a list of things I'm treating myself to when I achieve my other goals. These go from DVD box sets through to clearing out my wardrobe and starting again. Apart from the DVD's and an ice cream maker (already on the reward list) there aren't that many things I want. I'm also currently pretty short on money, so a day out isn't that easy to achieve (especially with workaholic-pub-chef-boyfriend.) One thing I'd love is another kitten. But, Mr. Boyfriend says no. Maybe I'll update the reward as I write my updates along the way of how well I'm getting on..!

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