Sunday, 25 March 2012

From dipped to painted

As the title indicates, and due to a suggestion on my facebook page, I have done a vertically 'dipped' vase, which became painted as it's too long to fit in to the paint pot!

It's actually a skewed, vertically painted vase. The horizontal axis on the base, and cup don't match up. A little bit of an accident, but I like it this way. :)

This one has a horizontal band painted about its middle, and a white foot.

Once these are finished I think they'll become available in my shop over on, (and possibly etsy!) they just need another coat of paint and some prettier photographs!

This one was an earlier experiment using emulsion paint dribbled down its side. I wasn't very happy with the result, and decided to paint over it! I'll share the results of this one when it too is finished!

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