Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A little of Bristol in spring

I went for a bit of a wonder yesterday to try to clear my head of Work related clouds and try to find a bit of a positive vibe in my self. I succeeded a little bit, so hopefully my semi-essay-like rants will be at least shorter if I feel the need to get it all out again.

It as such a beautiful day yesterday. Sunny, blustery. I even dressed up and made my self look nice. Alas (yes I used the word alas), I have no tripod or helpfully on hand boyfriend to take photos of my outfits, so further fashion posts will still have to wait. But I did take some photos of some of the things I saw yesterday.

Although this last photo isn't the most beautiful image, and certainly not he most colourful, I like it because that one seagull looks like he's trying to pretend it wasn't him making all the footprints going round and round. Guilty seagull! Although in reality the other ones just scampered out of frame just as I pressed the button.

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