Tuesday, 31 July 2012

White rooms

Today I've been thinking about decorating my lovely rented home again. Trying to think about colours I can use and want to use. Then I stumbled across the first image below and was struck by the simplicity (and not for the first time I hasten to add) of an almost completely white room. This sort of statement needs to use different textures and often a very limited palette of other materials to set it off or bring it to life (And to stop it feeling as if your in a film makers idea of a mental asylum!) The image below uses the tiles to change the texture of the walls, and stainless steal to create another reflective version of the white. It also uses bare, and solid wood to create the warmth that all such white rooms need in some form or other.

Just look at that distressed wood! It creates a lovely contrast with the smooth painted wood in the room.

This room like the first uses bare wood to give the room warmth. As an aside to the colour, I love the traditional country style kitchen mixed up with the industrial lights and cooker. I think that use of the softer cupboard styles and sink also help add that elusive 'warmth'.

Don't you love the opaque wine glasses? For me it's the floral wallpaper and the variously textured cushions on the sofa that make this a cosy dining room, rather than a utilitarian eating space.

Could you get a more cosy dining room? And yet the room uses almost totally white tones, with the exception of the golden toned carpet. It's that, along with the actual style of the furniture that means you'd beg to eat your Christmas dinner in sublime warmth there. Also, who ever decided to put a sofa against a dining table was a genius.

This room is elegant, light and totally stunning! I love the shot of blue on the floor. That brings it back down to earth makes the room feel as if you would be happy to troop in there with your muddy wellies and enjoy a mug of tea after a stomp about the country.

This room is beautiful. I love the bare simplicity. The texture of the wooded walls and floor are what make this room friendly rather than sparse and cold.

Yet again, the bare wood in this room gives it the warmth. But I also think that the use of greenery and the wall of mirrors give it a variety of textures so that your eye always has something to fall on to.

I don't think this room needs an explanation of why it is lovely really does it? Wooden boards, twinkly lights, beaded chandelier, very very soft furnishings! It's lovely!

Can you get much more texture on to a wall?, plus the quality of light this produces is just brilliant.

Maybe I'll be going for an all white room next!

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