Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Frome's fleas

On Sunday my Dad and I took a trip to Frome's artisan and flea market. We didn't really go with any agenda in mind other than to have a look as a potential venue to sell 'Chloe and the Chimera' goodies at. We managed to stay mostly dry, despite the bouts of torential rain, while we idally wondered by all the beautiful stalls. Apologies for my dreadful photography, my camera phone is fantastically convenient, but not great quality. And also apologies to all the stall holders who I've captured, because I forgot to write down or photograph a single stall name! If I have photographed you or your stall please please let me know and I'll amend the post and add you in!

For me this stall was all about the bees. I though it was a complete stroke of genius to bring along a segment of the hive. Completely fascinating.

My Dad and I did a tour of the Flea part of the market then due to grumbling bellies whet to find a coffee. There was a lovely 50's looking lady singing live in the square where we picked up some syrupy coffees from a van. They were fantastic. We hid under one of the parasols while the rain came down in stair rods and were serenaded with a rendition of 'umbrella', and then scampered off to what I think of as the farmer's part, where the fish, meat, plant, veg & cake stands are.

I don't know if it's my boyfriends chef-y influence, but I really like these produce stands. I like to see real farmers/fishers/bakers etc selling real food. I think its only right that you can buy fresh fish next to veg and meat, all of it looking clean and healthy.

The Flea part of the market is always good fun. There is pretty much anything you care to name here on sale. I enjoy just drinking in the atmosphere and finding huge amounts of inspiration.

The St. Catherine's Hill artisan part is equally beautiful, inspiring and exciting. I love all the food stalls, with all their smells mixing and creating a new scent every few meters up the hill.

When we got to the top of the hill we decided to go on a wonder around Frome rather than go straight back down again. I rally enjoy exploring down alley ways and back streets, of which Frome has many.

We got caught in a ridiculous amount of heavy rain, which we luckily managed to stay out of by waiting under a convenient archway we found.

After this wonder about we grabbed ourselves a sausage inna bun (a la Dibbler) from the Parson's Nose van. Two sausages, with onions in a huge bun. I felt like I should have been waddling about after that I was so full. It was perfect. 

Just before we went home we grabbed another coffee in the café you can see in the reflection of this shop window. I took the photo for the fabric though. Isn't is the cutest print ever?

During the day we also visited the Black Swan. They had an exhibition of Wallace and Gromit up in their exhibition space. It's a small but perfectly formed exhibition, and it was great getting to see some of the props & characters they used in filming along with some stills of the filming process. Worth a look if your over that way!

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