Friday, 21 September 2012


So, thinking about last weeks post on preserving made me lust after a beautiful apron to wear in the kitchen.

I used to have an apron, but my boyfriend stole it to wear in his kitchen at work I think.

Suburban50s on Etsy. Beautiful, looks more like a dress than just something to keep your actual dress clean!

I used to use an amazing apron that my mum had, it was two sided with complementary Christmas prints. Slightly padded. So cute and comfortable. Always wear it if I bake back at my dad's house now!

I started making an apron to wear, a very basic and dull affair. Then I got to wading through all the options on the internet! Looks like I am going to have to get a bit more creative!

I love the half aprons (especially in the picture above, with the zig-zag layers), but I don't think they are particularly practical. If I have a bag of flour open it never just lands on me from the waist down. To be honest I'm usually covered in it from toes to the tip of my tin-tin hair style.

PickedGreen on Etsy

I don't think I'm one for wearing what is essentially a piece of utility protective clothing that is so pretty you'd be scared to get it dirty or burnt. Nonetheless, this one is very beautiful.

I'm a bit dubious over the fan-type-things on the pink apron in the picture above....

I love the simplicity of this one. I think this is the style that I'm going to go for. Sweet, simple and practical.

Again, I'm not sure smocking really hits the practicality spot does it?

If I wore full, long dresses, this would be the apron for me! I almost want it anyway.

I think that this one is my 2nd favourite apron. I love the shape. The neck strap leading straight down to the waist tie. I love the bold stripe, slightly thinner and paler than a regular butcher style you might expect. Also like the simple contrast of the pocket. Basic but beautiful.

Love the candy stripes!

Simple and elegant? I like this one very much!
These are so cute! And really simple by the looks of them too.

Again, practicality fail. But, who would care?! It's glittery!!

Another rather beautiful and modern look. I adore the statement bow, although I know I'd shut it in the oven door.

I love a 70's apron me.

I'll do an update when I have managed to put together an apron for my self. I hope there is some inspiration for anyone looking to protect them selves when making all the jam that'll need making now that it is most defiantly Autumn.

All pictures link to source.

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