Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year! New Beginning!


Well, it has been an absolute age since I could write a post, or do anything properly for Chloe and the Chimera. This is of course a cardinal sin when starting up a business isn't it? It's a novelty being able to type at a sensible speed (phone typing just isn't as quick no matter how good you think you are is it?) Ahh, a keyboard, a monitor, all my links, (my accounts!) the ability to upload photos, to edit, to update. How have I managed without?

Well, in the last few months I have been a very busy bee. Not only starting my part-time job in a bar in Bristol city centre but I have attended 3 different fairs with Chloe and the Chimera. This might not have been the highest amount of fairs I could have been at but I have learnt a lot from them. They were not the most profitable exercises. This doesn't mean I'm ditching the Chimera, I'm just going to find another outlet to let the right people see my goods. That's the next phase of the plan. And, now I have my computer back in action I can start getting the ball rolling again! I'm so pleased.

I know it's only January 3rd, but I feel like I have achieved a lot already. PC sorted, health kick begun, operation house and operation garden started too (more on those later.) My intention is to end 2013 in a far better position than I have 2012. In terms of business, money, family life, the way my home looks (operation house), the way the gardens look (operation garden), other business avenues, friends, health, weight and probably a few more things. I have begun "The List" which is already looking ominous and covers in detail exactly what I want to achieve this year, but as I've said, I have already crossed off things, and begun others.

Anywhoo, this is just a quick update to celebrate my return to the world of the internet and Chloe and the Chimera.

I hope you'll all join me here for a wonderful 2013.

Happy New Year!

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