Friday, 11 January 2013

Pincredible: Weeks 1 & 2

As mentioned in one of the previous posts, I have decided to finally implement regular posts, because I think it will work better than my attempt to astound everyone in the universe with my occasional blatherings!

Introducing Pincredible! A round up of my favourite or themed pins on Pinterest of the week! As I was still planning my life out last week, I'll be doing two weeks in one this time around!

Just look at it! It's the best chicken coop in the world! I really really want this in my garden when I own that mansion one day!

All you need is white cotton, some wadding, and a selection of coloured fabric markers. This is so ingenious, for little boys, or 20-something girls (!)

So decadent! So beautiful!

I am in love with this room setting. I, as most adults I should think, don't like primary colours all together. It's like being in play group, and hurts the eyes. But this room pulls off that primary pallet perfectly, by muting them down and warming them up. The red and yellow have hints of orange in them both, and the blue has a lot of green.  It's so sunny and warm and cosy and beautiful!

I am aware than this is a cafe, I adore that central unit with the open shelves above. If I had the space and money, I would rig one up in my kitchen for sure.

Watering can fountain. Should I repeat that? Watering can fountain!! Amazing and ingenious!

Kids quite literally have all the luck. Although, I can almost knit properly, and I can certainly sew. NEED an ewok cowl.

Such a beautiful dress.

Simply a beautiful photograph. So green!

Last up, a bit of Art Deco super hero art.

That's the end of Weeks 1 & 2 Pincredible! Hope you liked it!

All images are © Chloe Cooter 2012 unless image links to another website. All images that are not © Chloe Cooter will be linked to the source (if possible) and credited in that way.

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