Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Good excuse

Oh dear, yet again I've turned in to a bad blogger.

And, yet this time I have good reason! I've been working hard for Chloe and the Chimera these last few weeks. Lots of exciting things have been happening in the quarter.

I've been making lots of new jewellery for my little business because I have had a lovely shop in Bedminster take some in to sell! I'm so pleased! I have also been featured on a website. Babble Somerset has featured my business for their April issue!

Glass Designs & Gallery have got a beautiful little shop on North Street in Bedminster in South Bristol. They sell a variety of gorgeous things and have been so kind as to sell my 'Birds' line in jewellery! If your in the area you should definitely go and take a look.

 Babble Somerset is a site that helps to advertise and promote local businesses in the Somerset area. I felt so honoured to be asked if I'd like to be featured!

I intend to catch up with my blogging very soon. Now that I feel like Chloe and the Chimera is going places again I'll be blogging more about the business too.

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