Monday, 24 June 2013

Pincredible: week unknown

So, it's been a while since I wrote anything of note. It's been a pretty hard 6 months or so for me. I wanted to just do a quick Pincredible too brighten up the blog. I'll be posting a few Chloe and the Chimera based pieces in the coming days hopefully, but for now some pretty pictures and inspiration.

What an astoundingly beautiful dress? I want to steal this design and make myself a few! It's a Léon Bakst design c.1912.

The ultimate cheese platter? I think so! I love birds eye view food photography, and this is no exception.

Coral and grey is a new one on me. Not normally a fan of coral at all, yet teamed with that soft lavender-y grey it seems restful and calm.

 I love the varies black and white patterns and that perfect green.

 I love everything about this. The colour choice is beautiful, I love the layout of the leaves weaving between and through the letters. I love the green capitals on the name, and not least I love the subject! "The book of the onion"! Awesome.

For some reason this picture makes me feel super optimistic.

A brief Pincredible this time, but I hope you've enjoyed.

All images are © Chloe Cooter 2013 unless image links to another website. All images that are not © Chloe Cooter will be linked to the source (if possible) and credited in that way.

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