Sunday, 12 January 2014


Week two is nearly over!

Is it just me or does 2014 seem to be hurrying away already? But, that said, I have achieved a lot of great things already! Some things which are in the pipeline are starting to move forwards (more on this in a few weeks probably), my new years resolution isn't going too badly, I have been for my first run of the year today (more on that later too if I stick to it!), my budgeting is going well. All in all things aren't too shabby!

1. Self Portrait.

Well, I have to admit that I'm still not feeling too comfortable about putting my face on the net. Instead of a sensible portrait though, I have decided to pull a silly face and play on my photo editor with the 'cartoon' function. This way it hides the fact that I took the photo a couple of days after clippering my hair, with no make up on, fairly late at night. But in terms of 'being happy' this is still working as a great challenge to myself.

2. Garden

Ok, so I cheated already. This isn't taken in my garden, but not too far off. I also know it's pretty much another weather shot (see below,) but nevertheless, I did say that I'd let my self be flexible. I just had to stop and capture the totally blue sky with the sun struck trees off to the side.

3. Weather

This is the real weather shot! High river speeding along, wind pushing my brolly around and rain pouring down. This was captured on my mobile so it hasn't got the quality to pick out the rain unfortunately. But if you live in or near Bristol, you'll know it was there!

4. Number.

So this challenge was more to make me leave the house and look for details I might normally have missed. This week I signed up for a course (more on this next week) of which I am doing level '2'. How convenient! I still find printing techniques quite fascinating. Getting so close to this number to take the picture shows how the dots are ever so slightly misaligned with the back ground yellow.

5. Words

This weeks been a bit tight on time for my boyfriend and I, so we've succumbed to a Chinese takeaway. I feel guilty, but this isn't our usual Chinese. I feel as if we've defected. We're not good people. (Good Chinese though!)

6. Colour

PEEEEAAAAAAS! Yes. Peas. Another phone picture I'm afraid. But this was a spur of the moment thing. I apologise about the poor quality. I think I'm starting to learn a little about photography already from this project. Like it's really hard to take a beautifully highly coloured picture over a small saucepan of steaming vegetables with a rubbish mobile phone camera!

7. Black and White

Last photo of this surprisingly short week. Another walk in to work, another phone photo. Black and White photos are often adout high contrast, but this picture is about texture. The swans (which were not posing well at all. Bad swans!) are a great focal point for the foreground, but the picture is really all about the patterns and reflections on the water.

Well, there we are. I have managed two whole weeks of my 52 weeks project! I promised my self I'd do it until the end of January at least! I'm half way through. Kind of!

I'm not totally pleased with my photos this week. I think this coming week I will be travelling around with my actual camera a lot more. Do you have a photo project this year? Or any hints and tips for my photography skills?

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