Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First Post, First Rant

I have been repeatedly terrible with blogs. I have lost count of the number i have tried to start, but, yet again, here I go! I want to share some of the things in my life of the terminally inspired. I find my self with a huge amount of drive, and very little direction. I am entirely convinced that I should be running my own business,  but I hardly seem to know where to start. In fact, I have started, (www.chloeandthechimera.com) but as previously mentioned, I don't know how to continue. I seem to have hit a brick wall which has had every convienient hand hold on the way up expertly plastered over by well wishers, and a small bonfire at the base with a ladder, catapult and shovel merrily burning away.....

I'm sure I'm not the only person to have felt this way!

So, while I wait for my delivery of bulldozers to sort the wall out I'm going to try and push myself along in some other directions too. Chloe and the Chimera is not over with, but it's taking a small holiday while I figure out how to continue. One major change that I had hoped was going to help the Chimera, was changing jobs in December. Unfortunately I'm not enjoying that as I'd hoped. In fact I'm not enjoying it at all. I don't do boredom at work well, and I'm not learning anything about running a business while I'm there either - one of the major reasons I left my very secure, if totally unsuitable, previous job.

So this leads me back around to one of my previous statements - I know I can run my own business. And the sooner the better! And, at this point I don't much care what I do. Although all of my ambitions are things like running a clothing company, property development, running a B&B etc. etc, I am at this point seriously considering starting up a cleaning company. At least I'd be my own boss with very little capital needed to get going. I also have every intention of continuing Chloe and the Chimera, and starting other projects, or ground-works such as obtaining a personal licence for the selling of alcohol.

Thus, currently in my little head, one hundred and one thoughts are flying around trying to work out if I can leave my current job within the week, and avoid starving by the end of the month!

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