Friday, 10 February 2012


I feel it necessary to explain the series of posts I hope to put up in the coming weeks.

I have decided to try to document my attempt at making all the things that surround me beautiful.

My home, in South Bristol, is a rented 3 bed, 1970's terrace. Which hasn't been modernised hardly at all. In the one or two areas I've noticed some change, mostly additional plug sockets, it appears to have been done by the worst of cowboy builders! I loathe UPVC windows, and that's all I've got. There's terribly painted textured wallpaper and a frankly scary gas lit central heating system hidden inside the fireplace, which has been covered by an equally scary gas fire. The garden is doing it's best to emulate a quagmire, and is totally bare (a state I achieved after a couple of days in late summer last year pulling out all of the brambles that had invaded.)

I think I'm going to be rather brave and share the way my house currently looks. Mess, unwashed dishes, half finished projects, the lot. I'm sorry. I know its not pretty. But why be anything else but honest? I intend to cover every room in the house one by one with my 'Before' photos I took today, and then re-visit when I've actually made some of the changes I want to achieve!

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