Sunday, 26 February 2012

Plant pots the second

As promised, an update on my plant pot experiments!

 I have played round with two-pint milk bottles and a drinks can so far. There's is still a lot to do on them before they look good, but its a start! I poured boiling water in to the bottom parts of the milk bottles to try and create a more interesting shape, they're a lot easier to bend when hot, and they hold their shape.
This one, although it doesn't look much is my favourite. It has the most extreme crumpling of the four I did, and I think it'll look great when I've finished painting it, and its planted up. Something that trails would look spilling from it.

I am really pleased with the drinks can too. It's buckled exterior makes great shadow effects on its surface. I've already taken the top out of it with a can opener (surprisingly fiddly!) so I can just punch a hole in the bottom before I give it its last coat of paint, and then pop the baby spider plant I have still growing from its parent in it!

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