Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dans le Jardin

My garden is a rather thorny issue (ho ho.) When we arrived here about 5 months or so ago, the garden was just over run with brambles and nettles (and the odd hypodermic needle too).

So, I set to clearing it.

Which seemed like the most enormous achievement in the world at the time! Look, I even built a compost heap (which I later destroyed because it was primarily dead sticks!)

Since then, though, apart from getting my dad to strim the lawn, and putting a whole three plant pots out there, I haven't really done anything apart from plant a hand full of daff's, crocus and a couple of tulips.

Except now I come to think of it, when I planted the tulips, I redefined the lawn down at the bottom, and created a flower bed where before there was just bare ground (a very shaded spot in summer.)

This is how the garden looks now in all its blank canvas winter glory.

The flower bed does need to be defined again to be fair, and for continuity's sake, although I don't like them, I might place the little wooden border edgers across it. I'm possibly too concious of this place been rented.

We're keeping our Christmas tree in order to make a feature of it in the future! It's also hiding the compost heap.

This on the other hand is the glorious sight you see as you come down the stairs in to the garden now! I built a green house! It's too exciting. I have planted (already! I think I did it too early!) lots of lovely things in there, including some tomatoes and some sweet peas. I keeping peering in to see if there are any seedlings yet.

There is more Garden talk to come, I just have to get ready to go to work now...

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