Friday, 24 February 2012

Plant pots

I am mildly in love with interesting and quirky plant pots.

Due to my re-launching of my on-line shop, Chloe and the Chimera, and the addition of Garden and Home sections, I have been hunting out some pots which I can make at home from recycled materials.

Milk bottles and cans came to mind very quickly. In fact, I already have many plant pots made of tin cans out side, which have rusted up beautifully, a circumstance I hadn't foreseen (perhaps stupidly!)

I saw this picture while hunting through the internet.

Aren't they perfect?! The crumpled effect creates a new dimension, and although it isn't necessary to emphasise the fact that they are recycled tins, that fact is obvious, it actually celebrates it!

I'm currently experimenting with milk bottles, tins and cans! Keep an eye out for an update (once the paint is dry!)

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