Friday, 2 March 2012

My first fashion post

For someone who can quite openly say that I love clothing, styling, putting outfits together and designing clothes, I can also quite openly say that I am awful at shopping, especially charity style shopping, and impressively uninterested in fashion.

There I've said it. I feel like I've just announced something to the fashion equivalent of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Or that it's a dirty little secret that is going to generate a lot of scorn.

The fact of the matter is that I live in my own bubble far too much to worry about what fashion designers are doing, and then what all the over monied and under fed can pull on over their heads. I'm not saying that fashion doesn't effect me. Of course it effects me. It's just that it tends to effect me about 6 months later than everyone else. I normally turn my nose up at the latest thing in H&M only to turn around down the line and suddenly think that instead of putting that with leggings like everyone else I could put it with my 15 year old baggy jeans, my Cat boots, and my straw trilby style hat and I'd look AWESOME!

I have a different issue when it comes to shopping in charity or TK Maxx style shops. I find that I can't see the wood for the trees. There is so much stuff, laid out with no order. I find the same in book shops. I find it overwhelming. And any charity shop that can afford to be minimal isn't going to be affordable.

So how does someone who fully intends get their own collection designed then made up to sell create something that people will want if the inspiration is not drawn for the fashion world?

Well, I hope I'm not alone in saying that fashion isn't everything. Style is.

Why can't I draw inspiration from anywhere I feel like? from art installations, to comics, from any period in history I feel like, to street style photo blogs. Anything!

These are some designs I did from quite a while ago now. I took some inspiration from Russian Constructivism and some from Steam Punk.

 I'm quite happy that I designed a small selection of wearable clothes which only concious concession to fashions (nearly 2 years ago) was body-con. My favourite is the white mini-dress with the rust colour aeroplane print.       

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  1. I totally agree with is inspiring but it's what you do with it, and how you make it yours, that's important. It's far too easy to be in fashion, as well as being boring and very expensive. Developing your own atyle is far more rewarding and enjoyable.


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