Thursday, 1 March 2012

The main boudoir.

I struggled awake this morning (one of those struggles when your head wants to be asleep, but your body decides to awake) and when I wasn't burying my head in the pillow in an attempt to block out all light, I was staring at the ceiling, thinking: 'blergh'.

My ceiling in my bedroom is yet another Artexed monstrosity, but add to that grey-white paint with added yellowy beige around the edges where the last person to wield a paintbrush missed, and unidentified dark marks splattered in places...

It isn't the most inspiring thing to wake up to.

Then, of course there are the yellowy-beige walls, again badly painted, you can see what ever was painted underneath through it. I have a feeling some of the previous inhabitants took to spray painting parts of the house.

And, then, my pet hate. Bad gloss work.

The more I think about the state of my house, and some of the reasons why (some very naughty tenants before us) I feel sorry for it. I want to make it lovely, not just for myself, but for the actual house! Is that a little odd?

Here are a hand full of pictures I like. This is an attempt to find what sort of style I actually want in a bedroom! 

Isn't this image great? A little annoying perhaps. In that, I wouldn't want to wake up with tassels and fluff in my face... I have had this image stored for a little while on my computer (digital scrap book) and have been trying to think of a way that I could achieve it using either my scarves or necklaces, but I'm not sure that either would create the right effect. In fact, I have tried to do something similar with scarves already, and it just looked a mess!

This room setting is spectacular. I love the dramatic coloured walls with all the neutral tones surrounding it. Being the opposit of what you'd usually encounter really makes an inpact I feel. Not sure I could pull this look off in my bedroom though. It would require a large investment in new furnture, curtains and carpets!

I love this room. I love the cleanliness of the white, but also the texture created by the various colours of white, and the different patterns, and surfaces. For example, the white floor boards contrast with the blankets, the rug and the curtains. Added to this clean but interesting setting, the array of clothes create a great focal point. Not only is this a great solution for those without a cupboard on hand, but it is virtually a ever changing, dynamic, colourful work of art! I am thinking of trying to create something similar in my own room, but with a main focal colour: Red.

This image is very similar to the one above, in that it uses various degrees of coloured and textured white. Along side that though is some interestingly structural drapery and focal lighting.

I want one. Enough said. (Plus great use of focal colour.)

Don't you think this head board is spectacular? Well, the whole bed actually! you can see the design peeping out from underneath the covers. I quite like our bed, comfort-wise. It was one of the pieces of furniture that was ere when we moved in, so i cant paint it, I suppose I could cover it in fabric?

Mmmm...Seriously luscious accent colour.

Well, then. Is it safe to assume I'd like a pale room with one great accent colour, some great texture and pattern?

(Many images, but not all from, Unfortunately I don't have a record of where they all came from.)

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