Friday, 29 June 2012

My week

This week has been a really good one, apart from the major floor being that I haven't got a single moment of work done.  But I have cleaned and organised a large proportion of my house (which was a tip), along with spending a little bit of time with my boyfriend, and also as of later today I'll be seeing an old friend, and then going to the Frome Festival with my Dad on Sunday. Back to throwing my self headlong in to Chloe and the Chimera on Monday, which I'm really excited about!

Some things I've been investigating this week in between doing the laundry and hoovering!:

 Hair! I've decided to grow my crop out in to this! I've already dyed it dark brown, (it was a hideous orangey pink...!)

Also loving:

I also built a container pond to attract wildlife to my garden this week! It's not finished yet, but ill probably post a photo or two when its done.

Back to all things detailed and birdy with Chloe and the Chimera soon!

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