Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bad Blogger

Oh dear, what a naughty blogger I have been. I've been very wrapped up in various things, mostly to do with my t-shirt design (in the previous post), and getting a lot more stock up in my shop (currently only up on Etsy at the moment.) And there have been a handful of other things on my plate too.

These are the new items I've been working on that are now up in the Etsy shop. 6 sets of earrings, and one new flower pot! All a part of my Birds series.

More things are in the studio in various stages of being made. I picked up a bag full of second hand picture frames that I'm going to add to the Birds collection soon too!

This is a really exciting time for me. I'm loving being self employed! Just need the custom to back up all my hard work. But that will come, I know it will!

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