Sunday, 8 July 2012

A curious case of stairs in the day time.

Found this beautiful stair case Via Poppytalk's pinterest. I can't think what to say about it in a way. It's almost too perfect! (The pedant in me says that perfection is finite and therefore you cannot be 'too perfect'...It's a bit like being very unique. It's impossible.)(Minor rant over!) The whole set up is gorgeous. Although I don't like pink at all, the choice is so bright and energising. The use of a gloss finish is practical and also pulls the gloss finish of the floor up the stairs creating continuity despite the contrast of wood against white and colour. Finally the rug in the foreground pulls the striped affect of the stairs down to the floor, but doesn't ape it because it uses that lovely contrasting tangerine colour and sits at right angles!

Too perfect? Maybe!

Got me thinking about other interesting ways to 'display' stairs at home. I found some wonderful examples!

This should be on the front steps of every library!

Cunning no? My boyfriend and I had already come up with this idea. But I must admit we'd concocted it as secret alcohol storage...

Ok. So utterly useless for a real home. Maybe the paper clips could be embedded in resin, or layered under perspex. Perhaps they'd even look good used just for texture and secured then painted over?

This image I've had saved to my digital scrap book for yonks! Couldn't leave it out!

I'm sure there are millions more creative options for ways you could attack your stairs, but I'm leaving it at that, ways I think are achievable with little to no budget!

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