Monday, 9 July 2012

Things to light up your day

Because of our sunny and heatwave like conditions here in Bristol this summer I have decided to share some lighting DIY ideas I've stumbled across recently to help brighten things up a little!

Starting with this cloud look-a-like light, which is just so adorable!

Cloud light DIY

Might need to be a bit canny putting it together though as the instructions lack pictures. There is a LOT of emphasis on using LED or cool/cold lights, so keep that in mind!

Doiliy/lace lamp DIY

This, and variations on this (including using wool) have been doing the rounds for ever. I've given it a try with wool and found (as some people who contacted the original blogger) that the balloon stuck for the wool after being popped. I got around it using cling film which then stuck to the wool (but then I did use varnish not wallpaper paste for outside use!) I left it there because I liked how it looked. I also didn't use this idea with lights, but as a moving sculpture in my garden.

Fairy light chandelier.

This link is not for a DIY page. But I can image with a little chain from B&Q, some twigs/branches from the garden some garden twine/wire, a hoola-hoop and your trusty LED battery powered fairy lights you could have a very serviceable chandelier of your very own!

I searched "branch light" on pinterest!

Take a look your self! There are too many ideas to pick from! The DIY element of these could potentially cause some problems where the lights are on the mains, and where the branches are suspended from the ceilings. For the non-electrician I would suggest more fairy lights, either battery or from a plug. You can get some great ones that have a different effect to what I normally bring to mind as fairy lights, as shown above in the picture (I am seriously lusting after bare light bulb lights on a string!) Strong fishing line would be hefty enough to hold up a branch if secured properly in enough places. And maybe consider affixing it to a wall instead of the ceiling?

Feeling brave? In possession of a drill?

Personally I wouldn't dare. What I have dared to do in the past though was to use an un-drilled wine bottle (I used green and produced a very eerie light!) and fed battery powered LED lights in through the opening in the neck. The reason that the experiment remained an experiment was because I hadn't found a way I liked to hide the battery pack. Although I can come up with a few options you could use including a bunch of flowers, or you could concoct some sort of sturdy stand with a piece of dowel on it so that you could up-end the bottle, leaving the batteries at the bottom - much easier to hide then. Or even something as simple as a lamp shade.

Solar garden lights DIY

The above (text) link seemed by far the most descriptive of all the ones I looked at, but I'm sure there are hundreds out there that cover what needs to be done. I know for sure that Asda, Wilkinson and Poundland sell solar lights cheap, I've also picked up similar, suitable jars in Asda, (but why not try and be creative with it!?)

I think I might give the above a go very soon! I imagine there's going to be quite a few solar lights on sale this year because lets face it we've not had enough warm weather to sit out in have we? *grumble grumble shiver*


  1. That cloud lighting is so amazing! Funny, I was going to write a post about lighting/lighting fixtures as well! Haha. Great post :)


    1. Thank you! Those cloud lights are lovely aren't they? Go for it! I really admire the things you find to post about, I'm sure you'll find some wonderful lights to feature!

  2. I love that cloud light! Genius. It would look so adorable in a child's bedroom. Very dreamy. I just discovered your blog and it's lovely! x

    1. Thanks so much! I'm so glad you like it!


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