Saturday, 4 August 2012

Garden tents

Ever see what I consider to be very strange people setting up regular camping tents in parks in hot weather? This is a craze that I completely fail to understand. I've seen it a lot in Victoria park just down the road from me in Bristol. I just cannot get the concept of wanting to set up something which blocks out the sun, traps all the heat, is not comfortable, is designed as a sleeping space yet used in the day, that you cannot light your camp fire or BBQ in........need I carry on? I mean, I can almost understand it on a beach, in order to eat out of wind blown sand. And it's cool set up in the garden for kids to 'pretend' to camp. That's cool. No worries. But in a park? To what purpose? If anyone can shed light and lift my ignorance that would be lovely.

In the mean time, here are a series of far more attractive alternatives!

Not starting too small or anything here? If you can do it properly why do it any other way?

Some beautiful blankets, throws and sheets just thrown over a rope/washing line? Everyone can achieve this!

I know I'm essentially a child, but who wouldn't wanna play in this?...No matter what your definition of play.

Going back to 'not your average' garden, but it is rather beautiful. I clearly have a bit of a thing for multiple hanging lanterns in the outside, whether it's under canvas or no.

This is too classy. You need a quartet to be playing under it whilst you sip a cool potent drink under your parasol.

From classy through to the perfect idea of country living. This is a book with a massive cup of tea kinda tent.

Ok, I know this is a bit festival-y, but if you had a garden big enough and a good group of friends wouldn't you? I love the idea of the scatter cushions outside, the 70's style ones in this picture, and the squashy blue floral print one in the above picture

 Feeling eco friendly? What's more eco than a plant covered wigwam? Forget gardeners' world vertical wall, I'd totally go for this option!

 Yet another madly epic 'tent', but reduce the scale and maybe limit the number of chandeliers....and guests..! I love the patchwork material, it's so beautiful, and could be made from anything, old scarves, sheets, pillowcases, old curtains.

 I just love the royal purple medieval Robin Hood style of this. Used to play as Robin Hood an awful lot as a kid, this would have come in handy.

And to finish off, the perfect bit of mild protection for a summers day. Chiffon in a light breeze over a hammock? Yes please.

I think I'm off to buy a hammock now..!

Edit! Just saw This Post @ Honestly WTF, it's full of beautiful images that are along the same line, but focusing on the dozing side of things! Go and have a look!

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  1. Hi chloe, I agree with you, that hammock looks totally appealing. Shame about the current weather, you just never know when it's going to rain. Where is summer? :)

  2. I know! It's dreadful isn't it? Makes me feel like adding an extra on to this post with just a picture of a real, Arctic grade tent!


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