Sunday, 8 December 2013

Chloe and the Chimera and the Future.

Well, this is a positive, yet slightly sad moment.

I have decided to call it a day on Chloe and the Chimera as a business in the main. You'll still be able to buy jewellery online from my shop, or from the shop 'Glass Designs and Gallery' on North Street, Southville, Bristol where I sell my stuff. But I'm no longer going to be pursuing this as a career.

I'm going to be putting my energies in to a new avenue, of which I'm still not sure of the details. I decided it was better to be able to leave feeling good and try my hand at something that I will be able to do full time, and not have to devote most of my time, and all of my energy to working for someone else just to keep afloat whilst working on my 'dream'. I should be living my dream all the time.

So, that's all the sad bits over and done with. I just want to take a moment to thank every single person that ever liked, followed, read, bought or enjoyed anything I've done. Thank you so much for making Chloe and the Chimera possible, even for this short time.

On to new things.

I have decided that I don't want to let go of Chloe and the Chimera completely. Asides from keeping the website to sell from, I'm going to be keeping hold of my Twitter account, and the business Facebook page as well as this blog and Pinterest, and use them as my personal space on the net to talk about things I'm doing or that I find interesting. So with any luck I will be chatting about clothing, hair, make up, beer, wine, brewing, kittens, interior design, typography, graphic design, packaging, art, architecture, food and recipes, gardening, vegetables, flowers and garden design and maybe the odd local event. (The gardening side of things have their own blog here but will nevertheless start to show up on my twitter and facebook feeds.)

I really hope that without the pressure on me to make this a 'business' blog, I'll actually use it more, and be more interested and relaxed about the things I'm curious about.

I would like to invite all of my readers here, on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to join me, to share the things I'm fascinated by, and to explore the world the way I see things now.

Here's to the future!

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