Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fashion-ish post No. 2

I think baggy jeans are cool.

There. It's written. It must be true ;)

The intense look of concentration on my face worries me. (And no, I don't own a tripod :( arty photos of myself are a long way off yet)

My first statement of this post, 'baggy jeans are cool', relates to my first fashion post about my total disinterest in fashion. And I am. I couldn't hold a conversation about who's cool, or what's on the catwalk at the moment. It all sails far above my head. Clearly. I mean, I own three pairs of baggy jeans, and I love them. One pair is over 10 years old, and the large rip across the knee wasn't artfully placed there by a monkey in a factory, I just wore them so much the fabric wore through and ripped one day when I stuck my foot in!

I wanted to talk about baggy jeans today because I realised I face a conundrum most mornings I'm not working. When I'm at work, I feel I have to look slightly respectable. Which sometimes is fine, I love putting on smart dresses. But, sometimes isn't. So when it comes to time off I naturally reach for the Chloe equivalent of tracksuit bottoms (which I can't bring my self to wear in private let alone public.) So having achieved my loose fitting denim leg coverings I usually look in the mirror and realise that unless I find something slightly feminine soon.....well, it'll all go wrong.

Somewhere between the short hair and the jeans I have to try to look a bit like a girl!

In my little outfit today I tried a lacy top I was recently given with a shirt over the top. I feel like I've managed to still look female, whilst keeping in the comfort range and also keeping to what ever it is that makes me 'me' about the way I dress.

This isn't the only way I dress-up my wonderful world of unfashionable-jeans, but I am actually fairly woefully short on girly tops. I find hunting down flattering clothing quite difficult for my shape, size, and budget.

Firstly you can throw out any suggestion of cropped or sheer tops unless providing a suitable belly-hiding option too. Anything baggy would make me look like a sack, and anything with a waist line (where ever it lies) would look odd with the line of my jeans! 

Apple shapes have it tough I tell you! Mostly I just end up artfully draping my self with earrings and necklaces and hair bands to imply femininity!

Does anyone else face the problem of liking dressing like a boy, but wanting to look like a girl?!  How do you manage it?


  1. I like them too but not wear them very often. they do look good on u tho =)

    1. Thank you! That's really kind :)


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